Granny Flats: Custom Tailored to Fit Your Needs

From free estimate and inspection through to design and construction, AOC Construction specializes in the creation of secondary dwellings such as granny flats. These self-contained dwellings, which may or may not attach to the main home, are popular options for homeowners in San Diego these days. Whether you’re looking to pull in some rental income on the side or your mother-in-law needs a place to stay, these so-called granny flats come with several advantages.

Not only can you add on to your existing home for more space or additional income, you can get a certified granny flat by the City Council without the need for a development application, provided the project meets standards set forth in the State Environmental Policy of course. Granny flats can be approved in as fast as 20 days, an easement on a provision that used to take a lot longer for approval. Granny flats must be built in conjunction with the principal dwelling on the same lot of land; however, they can be within, attached to or separate from the main home.

AOC Construction is up to date on all the latest rules and regulations regarding the creation of granny flats. Leave all the details up to us. We are by your side through every stage of the process to ensure your 100% satisfaction. After all, we want the finished product to be exactly what you’re looking for. We provide expertise through all phases, including:

• Site inspection
• Free quote
• Contract acceptance
• Approval
• Design and finish selection
• Construction

Get peace of mind knowing our licensed and insured team can construct your granny flat according to our established timeline using only the very best products and materials. We know what a disruption such a construction project can pose. After all, this is your home and you want to be able to go about your normal business – yet another reason we work quickly yet efficiently to get your project done so you can enjoy the new space.

The end result is a completely self-functioning space that can be utilized independently from the main home. Your granny flat will contain everything necessary to live comfortably, including all electrical work, plumbing for kitchen and bath, painting, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, windows and more.

AOC Construction, founded in 1975 with a mission of providing end-to-end full-service construction, offers expertise in all aspects of home improvement, from design concept to architectural drawings to turn-key solutions. To learn more about granny flats, call AOC Construction at 619-226-0772.